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Rooms and facilities at Selandra Community Hub

Find a room for your next community event or activity at Selandra Community Hub.

Rooms for hire

We encourage you to submit a Facility Booking Form if you are interested in using one of the spaces at Selandra.

You can submit the form:

What happens next

We will assess your application and allocate rooms and facilities to groups that best address the needs of the community. We will let you know the outcome of your application within 30 days.

Successful users must meet all costs associated with their programs and activities. No start-up funding will be provided.

Commercial kitchen at Selandra Community Hub

A full commercial kitchen with 2 gas stoves, griddle tops, and ovens, this kitchen is perfect for training.

Consulting room 1 - Selandra Community Hub

Each room is suitably furnished for counselling and use as a work space.

Consulting room

Each room is suitably furnished for counselling and use as a work space.

Hall 1 - Selandra Community Hub

The largest space in the Hub, this light-filled hall is perfect for community events and large meetings for up to 170 people.

Hall 2 - Selandra Community Hub

The second largest space in the Hub, Hall 2 is ideal for medium to small gatherings, accommodating 80 people.

Lounge at Selandra Community Hub

Accommodating up to 15 people, the Lounge is great for small informal meetings or parent groups.

Located on the first floor, Meeting Room 1 accommodates up to 20 seated, with ample tables and chairs available in the adjoined store room for easy access for your set up and pack down.

Located on the first floor, the meeting rooms combined accommodate 40 seated and are perfect for larger meetings or presentations.