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Roads and footpaths

Roads that Council looks after. Report an issue with a road or footpath. Report an issue with a street light. Request new changes to traffic services. Request a road inspection or grading. Apply for a road opening permit. Apply for a vehicle crossings permit.

Find out what roads Council looks after and what roads VicRoads looks after.
You should report Issues with local and unsealed roads and footpaths to us. Problems with larger roads and traffic lights should be reported to VicRoads.
To report an issue with a street light, contact the responsible electricity distributor. Electricity distributors own and maintain the street lighting in our city. Council pays the cost of network charges and servicing.
You can make a request for new traffic services or changes to current services. Services include things like footpaths, road signs, line markings and pedestrian crossings.
Our road network consists of approximately 155 kilometres of unsealed roads. We inspect our unsealed roads on a monthly basis.
Updated process for road opening permit. Required to carry out intrusive digging in the City of Casey.
Conducted after your working within the road reserve permit works (previously road opening permit) are complete.
You need a permit to repair, widen or build a new crossing or parking bay.
We have 260 school crossing supervisors who brave all sorts of weather to assist pedestrians in Casey. They include permanent part-time and relief staff.

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