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South Gippsland Highway and Glasscocks Road Intersection

Project overview 

Glasscocks Road in Cranbourne North, currently finishes approximately 350m short of the South Gippsland Highway. This project will connect Glasscocks Road to the South Gippsland Highway and include a signalised traffic intersection near the existing Golf Club Road, which will be removed as part of these works.
The work is being carried out in five stages, with preliminary works beginning in April 2021 and completion due July 2022 (noting that project dates may be affected by weather and supply issues).

Stage Details
1: April 2021-January 2022 Work primarily in Glasscocks Rd, includes service relocation.
 2: 31 January – March 2022 Work extends into the South Gippsland Highway, with the south-bound carriage way of the Highway closed in the works area (approximately 400 metres).
3: April 2022 – May 2022 North-bound carriageway of the South Gippsland Highway closed and traffic redirected onto the south-bound carriageway in the works area. This will allow access to the newly constructed Glasscocks Road southeast turning lane entry only.
 4: May – June 2022 Removal of the temporary shoulder in the works area.
5: May – June 2022 Median strip works, requiring closure of the fast lanes of both the north and south-bound lanes of the South Gippsland Highway in the works area.

In order to complete the work, a section of the South Gippsland Highway will be closed from 31 January to June 2022. This will be done in stages and motorists should expect delays of up to 20 minutes when traveling through the area.

Council has also notified local bus companies, who have incorporated the anticipated delays into their timetables for the duration of the works period.

As there will be significant excavation, the carriageway under construction will need to remain closed for the duration of that Stage of the project (including overnight), for the safety of all road users.


Once complete: 

  • the new intersection offers a safer, more efficient route journey for travellers, 
  • the new east-west link will ease traffic congestion, particularly in and around the residential areas of Cranbourne, Cranbourne North and Clyde North, 
  •  travelers will have another alternative east-west link to Thompsons Road

More information

For more information, contact Council’s City Design and Construction team on 9705 5200 or email [email protected]