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Road inspection or grading

Council or VicRoads managed roads

We maintain over 1,800km of local and unsealed roads across the municipality. Many larger and arterial roads are managed by VicRoads. To find out if a road is managed by Council or VicRoads, check the VicRoads map of Declared Roads.

Road grading

Unsealed roads may be affected by weather conditions. We inspect unsealed roads monthly and schedule grading works based on our inspections.

Request a road inspection or grading

To request a road inspection or grading, you can contact us.

We will investigate your request and contact you if we need more information.

Dust suppression

Dust suppression is a short-term solution that can minimise the amount of dust on unsealed roads. They can be quite effective but weather conditions and traffic volumes can minimise their impact.

We undertake dust suppression works from November to March each year.

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