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Risks of not maintaining your septic system

Financial risks

Just a few of the financial risks of having an unmaintained septic system include:

  • Needing a new trench because the desludging was not done on time and the pipes became blocked.
  • Needing to clean your carpets after an overburdened system caused a toilet to overflow into your house.
  • Neighbours complain to the council about the smell and you are fined.
  • Needing to repair a pump because it was not maintained.

Risks to human health

People who come into contact with sewage overflow from a poorly maintained septic system can be infected with diseases, including:

  • salmonellosis
  • trachoma
  • gastroenteritis
  • hepatitis A
  • parasite caused diseases

Sewage overflow could eventually enter the region's water supply and pose a serious health risk to many people.

Risks to the environment

Sewage overflowing from a poorly maintained septic system can have negative effects on your local environment, with waterways being particularly sensitive to contamination.

Sewage entering waterways can harm aquatic life and animals drinking the water. It can also increase weeds which push-out native species and encourage algae which then suffocates aquatic life.

Sewage pooling around a poorly maintained septic system can harm animals, including your pets, and vegetation that comes into contact.

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