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Find policies, plans and strategies about public spaces and reserves.


Title Summary
Active Recreation Reserves Allocation and Maintenance Policy To manage the allocation and maintenance of Council’s active recreation reserves; and to provide a balanced, equitable distribution of the current and future facilities for City of Casey sporting clubs and community groups
Advertising and Promotional Signage on Council Active Recreation Reserves Policy
Electronic Scoreboards at Active Reserves To establish a consistent approach for the prioritisation, implementation and management of Electronic Scoreboards at Council's Active Recreation Reserves.
Leisure Facilities Development Plan Policy This document details Council’s commitment to ensuring a varied, equitable and consistent approach to the development of new and existing sporting facilities.
Liquor Licensing at Council Recreation Reserves Policy The Casey Liquor Licensing at Council Recreation Reserves Policy is a means by which Council can proactively manage the sale and consumption of alcohol at Council recreation reserves.
Minor Capital Works at Community Facilities To ensure the enhancement and ongoing development of high quality, accessible facilities to meet the documented needs of Council, Clubs, User Groups and the broader community.


Title Summary
Aquatic Strategy Casey City Council is committed to supporting involvement in active and healthy lifestyles and improving the health and wellbeing of residents.
Equestrian Strategy The aim of the Equestrian Strategy is to provide a strategic approach for the future provision of equestrian facilities and trails within the City of Casey, including recommendations for the location, enhancement and development of facilities. 

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