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Request to review a fine (infringement notice)

Exceptional circumstances (including serious health or mechanical issues)

You can request a review in writing if exceptional circumstances out of your control contributed to the offence being committed. Exceptional circumstances can include:

  • medical emergencies requiring immediate medical attention
  • an injury or illness that poses an immediate risk to your life or health
  • a mechanical issue that stopped your vehicle from being moved elsewhere

Examples of circumstances we won't consider for review

  • Appointments or meetings running overtime, including doctor’s appointments, and hospital visits
  • Not noticing or misreading a parking sign for any reason (such as poor visibility due to weather). Or not noticing a change to parking restrictions
  • Running out of petrol, or experiencing vehicle issues that did not require repair/towing
  • Stopping for a short period of time to allow a passenger to alight, retrieve passengers or goods, or to drop children off near school gates
  • Failing to display a permit or failing to have the correct permit (for example parking in a disabled parking spot without a blue disabled parking permit)
  • Parking illegally in a driveway or naturestrip (even if you don’t believe you were obstructing anyone or traffic)

Special circumstances

You may ask for a review if you were suffering from an issue that made it difficult for you to control your actions and contributed to the offence being committed. Eligible special circumstances are:

  • a mental or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness
  • a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol or a volatile substance
  • homelessness
  • you or an immediate family member was experiencing family violence

Infringement was unlawful

If you believe the infringement was issued unlawfully (contrary to law), you can ask for a review. You may be asked to provide evidence to support your claim, such as photographs.

Mistaken identity

If you were not the person who committed the offence, you can request a review. You can submit a review application if:

  • you believe the vehicle or the number plates were stolen (you must provide the police report)
  • you believe the Council officer has made an administrative error

Nominate another driver

To nominate an infringement to the person responsible for the offence, please complete and submit an Operator Owner Onus form.

You might wish to nominate a responsible person if:

  • someone else was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence
  • you sold or permanently disposed of the vehicle to someone else

You must supply evidence to support your claim

You must supply documentation with your review. We may also need further information from you.

Evidence can include:

  • a report or letter from your GP, psychiatrist, psychologist or qualified treating practitioner
  • a report or letter from an accredited drug treatment agency
  • a report or letter from a case worker, case manager, social worker or homeless support worker
  • if you are or were experiencing family violence, please provide any relevant evidence
  • a witnessed and signed Statutory Declaration by a prescribed person who is eligible to witness Statutory Declarations, which states the circumstances leading to the infringement
  • an accredited mechanical report or tow docket for the date of the offence

How to request a review

To request a review, please complete an Infringement Review Application form.

You can submit the form along with your evidence:

All reviews must be in writing. We will not accept verbal requests.

What happens next

  • We will put your infringement on hold once we receive your application for review. This means you will not incur additional costs on the infringement notice after the initial 42 day period.
  • We will try to advise you of an outcome within 2-3 weeks.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review, you can elect to have the infringement heard at the Magistrate's Court.

Have the matter heard at Court

If you wish to have the infringement heard in the Magistrate's Court, you must notify Council in writing.

There may be additional costs incurred when referring the matter to Court.

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