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Request to repair or replace your bin

Request to repair a damaged bin

You can request a repair to your bin online.

Request bin repair

Depending on the type of repair, we will fix the bin at your home or organise a replacement.

Types of damage

Damage to lids and pins

If you have minor damage to the lid or pins of your bin, we will repair the bin at your home. This is a free service.

A driver will repair your bin during your next collection.

Damage to wheels

If you need to have the wheels replaced, please make sure the bin is empty before we arrive to repair it. A repair person will generally repair the wheels within 3 working days.

If we can't repair your bin

If your bin is damaged beyond repair, we will leave a card in your letterbox with more information. You must then call Council to arrange a replacement.

Upsize or downsize your rubbish bin

You may be able to upsize or downsize your bins to better manage your waste. Rubbish bins are available in 80L and 120L sizes.

Only the owner can choose to upsize or downsize the bins at a property.


You will be charged $21 more per annum to upsize your rubbish bin. This fee will be added to your rates. The fee will be worked out pro-rata from when the bin is upsized.

This fee will be refunded if you downsize your bin.

Request a larger or smaller bin

To upsize or downsize your bin, please contact us.

What happens next

  • We will swap your bins within 3 working days after your next collection.
  • If your collection is on a Friday, please take your bin in over the weekend and leave it out on Monday for us to collect it. Please make sure it is empty.

Replace a missing, stolen or damaged bin

You can request to replace bins that are missing, stolen or damaged beyond repair. This is a free service.

If your bin needs to be replaced, do not order new bins. This is for extra waste only and you will incur extra charges.

Before you make a request:

  • Check with your neighbours to see if they have your bin by accident.
  • See if your bin has ended up further down your street.

Damaged bins must be empty before we can replace them.

Request to replace a bin

You can request a repair to your bin online.

Replace a bin

What happens next

  • We will replace your bin within 3 working days.

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