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Request a copy of your rates notice


The annual rates notices cover the period from the start of July to the end of June of the following year. You should receive your notice in August.

Only request a copy if you are still waiting to receive it by September.

You can also access copies of your rates via your banking account if registered for BPAY View.

Who can receive a copy of rates information

  • The property owner.
  • A representative of a company-owned property.
  • A tenant responsible for paying the rates of a commercial property.
  • A property manager or other authorised third party.

Council will only return copies of rate information to our contact details on record.

You can update your details online if your name, residential or postal address has changed.

Third-party authorisation

If you are not listed as the property owner, the owner must complete a Third Party Authorisation form (168 KB) before you can access rates information or receive related correspondence.

The completed form can be submitted:

We will process your request within five working days.

All requests to remove third-party authorisation must be provided in writing.

Request a copy of a rates notice form

Complete the online form to request copies of the following.

  • Rates notice for the current financial year.
  • Supplementary rates notice.
  • Property and rates summary – includes valuation, ownership & outstanding balance.
  • “Solar Home Program – Application for Rates Notice/Statement” for a solar rebate.

We will process your request within five working days.

We can only provide rates information for the period the property belonged to the owner.

Request a copy of rates notice

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