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Request building permit documents

Building permit documentation is often required when selling a property. We can provide you with the building permit, occupancy permit or final certificate, and the insurance certificate.

We usually do not have occupancy permits for properties built before 1994. This is due to the legal requirements for that time.

You must lodge a separate application if you want to request house plans or industrial plans.

Documentation required

To request building permit documentation:


The fee is $82. This fee is non-refundable.

How to submit

Submit your completed form and payment:

What happens next?

Requests are usually processed within 7 days.

Please note

  • Plans and permits are the property of the owner.
  • Copies of documents may only be provided to the owner or an agent of the owner (a written letter of consent from the owner required). Proof of identity will be required.
  • There is no guarantee that the required plans or documents can be located or that the quality will be good.
  • Permit files more than 40 years old are unlikely to be available.
  • Boundary setbacks and other dimensions shown on plans should not be relied upon without being confirmed on-site by a licensed land surveyor.
  • Sewer drainage lines are rarely shown on building permit plans, and stormwater (roof runoff) drainage lines, if shown, are usually indicative and cannot be relied upon without being confirmed on site.

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