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Report an unregistered or abandoned vehicle

You can report unregistered or abandoned vehicles online.

We consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it:

  • is unregistered
  • is registered but has not been moved in more than 2 months
  • if it is deemed to be not roadworthy by Victoria Police or VicRoads

Report abandoned vehicle

Check if the vehicle is registered

You can check if a vehicle is registered on the VicRoads website. This will show if the vehicle is unregistered or stolen.

Reports we cannot investigate

If you notice an abandoned vehicle in any of the following locations, you must report it to the relevant authorities:

How to report

To report an abandoned vehicle, please contact us with the following details:

  • vehicle registration number (if known)
  • street and street number if possible
  • type of vehicle (for example, sedan, ute or wagon)
  • description of the vehicle (colour, make and model)
  • any photographs

Report an abandoned vehicle

What happens next

  • If the vehicle is a danger to other road users, it will be removed within 24 hours.
  • Non-dangerous reports will be investigated within 10 working days.
  • If the vehicle is abandoned, an officer will place a derelict or abandoned vehicle sticker on the car. This instructs the owner to move the vehicle within a set period of time (usually 7 working days).
  • If the vehicle is not moved, it will be impounded.

Releasing an impounded vehicle

If your vehicle has been impounded, we can release it after you have:

  • provided proof of ownership
  • paid the required fee


To release an impounded vehicle, you must pay:

  • $460 to release the vehicle
  • $25 for each day the vehicle is stored

How to release a vehicle

All vehicles are towed by Nationwide Towing who can be contacted on 13 48 69.

Vehicles can be retrieved from 221 Browns Road Noble Park North VIC 3174.

If you do not claim your vehicle within 14 days of it being impounded, we will either sell, destroy or donate the vehicle. This includes anything in, on, or attached to the vehicle.

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