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Report an issue with a road or footpath

Before you make a report to us, please make sure the road you're concerned about is managed by Council. If it's a VicRoads managed roads, please report the issue to VicRoads.

Report an issue with a Council road or footpath

Urgent requests

To report an urgent request, please call 9705 5200. This 24 hour number connects to our paging service after hours. We will respond to your emergency as soon as possible.

Urgent requests can include:

  • oil on road
  • other slippery surfaces that may require emergency help
  • pothole and edge break repairs
  • glass or debris on road
  • damaged or missing signs
  • line marking
  • road grading
  • dumped rubbish and litter
  • missing marker post or blue road reflector

Fallen tree blocking a road or footpath

If a tree or branch is blocking a road or footpath please report it to us.

Non-urgent requests

To report a non-urgent request, please contact us.

To help us look into your report, please try and provide:

  • the location of the road or footpath
  • an explanation of the issue or problem
  • location of the issue on the problem road or footpath
  • is the road or footpath sealed or unsealed - i.e. concrete or gravel

Please also provide your contact details, so we can follow up with you and get further details if needed.

What happens next

  • We will inspect and make safe dangerous roads and footpaths within 30 working days of a report being received.

Traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is an issue across Melbourne. Through our Transport Advocacy Campaign, we will continue to lobby the State Government to:

  • commit funding to upgrade our arterial road network
  • improve public transport facilities to provide better services to the community and reduce the overall reliance on motor vehicles