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Report illegal parking

Parking laws and regulations

We enforce parking rules under the Road Safety Road Rules 2017. Victoria Police and other authorised agencies also enforce these rules.

The Victorian Law Foundation also provides information on parking laws and signs and general parking advice. Visit their website for further details.

Parking spots that Council doesn't look after

Not all parking spots in Casey are under our control. Some common places we do not have authority to act include:

  • railway station car parks – please contact Metro Trains
  • shopping centres (except disabled parking spots) – please contact the property owner or management
  • parents with a pram spots – please contact the property owner or management
  • elderly persons – please contact the property owner or management

Trucks, caravans or trailers in residential areas

Vehicles over 7.5m or 4.5 tonnes cannot park in residential areas for more than 1 hour, unless:

  • parking signs indicate otherwise
  • they are picking up or dropping off goods

Between sunset and sunrise, vehicles over 2.2m in width must have a lit lamp attached to the rear of the vehicle on the side closest to the centre of the road.

You may be eligible to park your large vehicle on private property with a permit.

Report illegal parking

If you notice someone has parked illegally, please contact us:

Report online

If you cannot report online, please contact us by phone on 9705 5200 or by email at

What happens next

  • If you report someone who is currently parked illegally, a Local Laws officer on patrol will investigate it as soon as possible
  • If your report is of a general nature, we will investigate within 10 working days of a requests being received.

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