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Report a drainage problem

What Council looks after

We currently maintain a network with approximately 1,850km of pipes and 70,000 pits. We are responsible for public stormwater drains when the catchment is smaller than 60 hectares .

Report an issue with a Council drain

We sweep the kerb and channel often, and inspect and clean the drains in our streets. Sometimes issues can still come up, including:

  • blocked drains
  • flooded drains
  • cracked or missing pit lids
  • blocked or full open drains

Please report any issues with drains in Casey.

We will investigate blocked council-owned drains and pits within 5 working days of a report being received.

What Melbourne Water looks after

Melbourne Water is responsible for the public stormwater drains in catchments larger than 60 hectares. They maintain a network of approximately 300 kilometre of pipes and over 600km of open channels and waterways within Casey.

The Melbourne Water drains receive stormwater from the Council network and carry it to our rivers and creeks.

Report an issue to South East Water

If you notice any of the following issues, please report them to South East Water:

  • blocked sewer
  • burst water main
  • leaking fire hydrants

Private drains

Property owners are responsible for their own private drains. This includes the drains within the property that collect stormwater from the roof gutters and hard surfaces, as well the outlet pipe connecting the property drains to a Council drain or the kerb and channel in the street.

We do not repair blocked private drains. You should contact a licensed plumber if you hare having issues with your private drains.

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