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Renew your food business registration

When to renew

Renewal notices for your food business registration will be emailed in October and must completed by the end of November. Please check your spam folders before contacting us if your notice has not arrived.

This ensures you can continue trading on 1 January of the following year. If you trade without renewing your registration, Council may issue fines or initiate prosecution.

How to renew

Renewal is a two-step process 

  1. Renewal of registration
  2. Payment of registration fees

You can renew your registration by using the Health 24x7 Portal and following the guided video listed below.

Use the portal to:

  • renew your registration
  • pay renewal fees
  • update information about your business

Renew online

If you can't renew online

If you can't renew online, Council’s officers are available to help. To book an in-person appointment to complete your renewal please contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit: 

Make a payment

Once you complete your portal renewal you will be provided with three options for payment:  

  • Pay via the portal (online payment with Secure Pay) – you will be directed to enter your card details and make your payment and renewal application electronically. 
  • Bpay - your application form will open in a window, and you can download and print the document. Council’s BPay biller information is located at the bottom left of the renewal form. 
  • Pay over the counter - your application form will open in a window, and you can download and print the document. Bring this document with you when you attend one of the City of Casey’s Customer Service Centres or Australia Post. 

If you select to pay via BPay or over the counter/phone you will be able to download and print your renewal form.

If you need help

We've put together a guided video and some FAQs below. You can also contact our Environmental Health Team directly on 9705 5200 or [email protected]


What if I haven't used the portal before?

If you are using the portal for the first time, you will need to click on ‘Reset Password’, and an email will be sent to you to create your new password to login.

How do I complete each of the steps?

Complete all the steps below from start to finish. Once you start the process you must complete it until the end as the Health 24x7 Portal does not allow you to ‘save and exit’ to complete it at another time.

  • Disclaimer page – Accept the terms of the disclaimer.
  • Proprietor details – Review the proprietor details. You will be able to progress when there is a green tick in the proprietor’s details box. 
  • Premises and Business Details – Review the Premises and Business details, including the mailing address, Primary Contact name, and Contact Details.
  • Food Safety Program – (Food Businesses Class 1 & 2 only) Review the Food Safety Program details and update ONLY if required.
  • Food Safety Supervisor – Review your FSS and update if required.
  • Summary – Review the Summary Page. If the information is accurate tick the Declaration and click on submit. This will take you to the payment options page.

You must continue through the payment options to complete your renewal, even if you want to pay later.  If you stop here, your renewal will NOT be complete

What if I can't log into the portal?

The Portal is designed to work best on your desktop. If you are having difficulty logging in using your phone or ipad, try using a desktop computer instead. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. All common browsers will work (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.) however please note that some browsers that are unsupported (such as Safari) and may encounter problems. 

If you have any problems with the City of Casey Health 24x7 Portal, please contact the Environmental Health Unit on 9705 5200 or via [email protected] 


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