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Remove graffiti

Free graffiti removal in Casey

Person graffitiing on wall

The City of Casey’s FREE graffiti removal program removes reported graffiti for FREE within one business day, or if offensive, within four hours.

We have successfully delivered the graffiti removal program since 2002 removing hundreds of squares meters of graffiti across Casey. We have removed the equivalent to a one-metre-wide strip of graffiti, 28 times around the Bathurst racetrack! The program has been a success and gives residents the ability to report graffiti for removal in the areas that they live, work and play. We thank the Casey community for the reports and encourage continued reports to allow us to make Casey clean and safe. 

Graffiti is writing, drawing, marking, scratching or otherwise defacing property by any means without consent. The materials commonly used for graffiti are spray cans, felt-tipped pens and sharp instruments.

How to report graffiti?

VICGR app (fastest way to report)

You can now report graffiti with the Victorian Graffiti Register (VICGR) app. You can download the free VICGR app to report graffiti on your mobile or tablet via the App store or Google play:


The VICGR app uses the location you are reporting from and allows you to attach photographs to your report. This helps our dedicated graffiti removal team to locate and remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.  

Alternatively you can report graffiti for removal at or you can contact our Customer Service Team on 9705 5200.

Report graffitiing in progress

If you see graffiti in-progress, you can report it to Victoria Police by calling Triple Zero (000).

Graffiti Management Plan

The City of Casey has a zero-tolerance approach to graffiti. Our Graffiti Management Plan takes a holistic approach to cover every stage in the graffiti lifecycle. The Plan has six principles and relevant guidelines to each: eradication, engagement, education, engineering, enforcement and evaluation. Click here to download a copy of the Plan.

Graffiti other organisations can remove

If the graffiti is on one of the areas shown below, you can contact the organisation responsible to have it removed.

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