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Remove graffiti


You can now report graffiti with VICGR.

You can download the free VICGR app to report graffiti on your mobile or tablet via the App store or Google play:


You can also request to remove graffiti online or call 9705 5200.

Thank you for your help in keeping your area clean.

Graffiti we can remove

In most cases, we can remove graffiti from:

  • homes
  • businesses
  • industrial property
  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • sports facilities (not including YMCA facilities)
  • council signs
  • council facilities and buildings

If the graffiti is offensive, please call us on 9705 5200.

We need your help to stop graffiti. Working together with Victoria Police, we can reduce the impact of graffiti in our community.

Graffiti other organisations can remove

If the graffiti is on one of the areas shown below, you can contact the organisation responsible to have it removed.

Property Organisation
Major roads, traffic lights, signal boxes, some road signs VicRoads
Public transport (train stations, trains, trams and buses) Public Transport Victoria
Glass bus shelters Adshel
Australia Post mail boxes Australia Post
Telephone boxes and phone booths Telstra
Water utilities South East Water

Make graffiti removal request

Request online

We aim to remove the graffiti within 1 business day, after getting approval from the property owner or occupier.

Report graffiting in progress

If you see graffiti in-progress, you can report it by calling 000. Victoria Police will attend to the situation.

You can also report graffiti damage on your property by contacting your local Police Station. Reporting graffiti is very important because it helps to catch offenders through tag identification and tracking.

How we are addressing graffiti

We are addressing graffiti via:

Enforcement – In partnership with Victoria Police, we identify and stop offenders, prohibit graffiti and control the possession and sale of aerosol spray paint cans.

Eradication - Our contractors work to remove graffiti on City of Casey property within 1 working day of getting permission from the property owners.

Help prevent graffiti

You can help prevent graffiti by:

  • Planting bushy trees and shrubs or climbing vines against external walls and fences.
  • Using darker colours to paint solid external surfaces such as walls, pillars and fences.
  • Applying anti-graffiti coatings to surfaces that are likely to be graffitied.
  • Installing motion sensor lighting to cover areas that may be graffitied.
  • Keeping your property well-maintained and presentable - messy and unmaintained properties invite graffiti.
  • Submitting a request to remove graffiti immediately to deter further attacks - taggers want their work displayed.

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