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Registration Prep

Do you need to register your accommodation business?

Accommodation premises

Accommodation premises include businesses such as:

  • residential accommodation (including bed and breakfast premises)
  • hotels and motels
  • hostels
  • student dormitories
  • holiday camps
  • rooming houses

Your registration type will be determined on the number of people accommodated within your premises.

Contact the Environmental Health Team

You should talk to the Environmental Health Team as early as possible and we can guide you through the process of registering your accommodation premises.

You can contact the Environmental Health Team via phone on 9705 5200.

You may need building and planning permits

Many accommodation premises also require a building and/or planning permit before they can legally operate. For more information:

You may need to register as a food business

If you plan to sell food as part of your accommodation, you may also need to register as a food business. Talk to the Environmental Health Team to discuss your options.

Apply for a licence for your rooming house

If you want to operate a rooming house, you must also apply for a licence via Consumer Affairs Victoria.

You can apply for a licence before or after you apply to register your rooming house with Council.

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