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Register with Streatrader

Streatrader is an online system that lets you register your temporary and mobile food premises with Victorian councils. You can use Streatrader to:

  • register or notify Victorian councils of your new temporary or mobile food premises
  • pay any applicable registration fees for your temporary or mobile food premises online
  • lodge a Statement of Trade with any Victorian council you wish to do business in
  • manage your registration, payments and renewals online

Food business classes

In Victoria, all food businesses are classified into 4 classes. This is based on the highest level of risk the business's food handling activities pose. Streatrader will automatically identify what classification your temporary or mobile food business falls under.

Depending on the class your food business falls under, you may need:

  • to pay different fees with your registration application
  • a food safety program and/or food safety supervisor

Assessing your application to register

After you have lodged your application with Streatrader, we will receive it electronically and assess it. Depending on your application, we may contact you for more information or to conduct an assessment of your business.

Please allow up to 21 days for us to process your application.

Doing business on Council land

If you plan to operate your mobile or temporary food premises on council land, you may need to apply for a street trading permit.

You will need to apply for a street trading permit if:

Operational requirements - temporary food business

If you want to run a temporary food business in the City of Casey, you need to follow the operational requirements that apply to temporary food businesses. See: Guidelines for Operating a Temporary Food Business.

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