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Register for kindergarten

When to register a child for kindergarten

From 1 July 2021, Council will no longer be registering children for kindergarten from birth. Families will be able to register their child for kindergarten in the year before their child turns 3. Registrations for 3-year-old kindergarten will be open from 1 July 2021.

Birth year 

When to register your child for kindergarten 


Now (4-year-old only) 


Now (4-year-old only) 


1 July 2021 – 31 July 2021 (3-year-old) 

Now (4-year-old) 


1 January 2022 – 30 April 2022 


1 January 2023 – 30 April 2023 


1 January 2024 – 30 April 2024 

For a child attending 3-year-old kindergarten in 2022 to be considered in first round kindergarten offers, families must register their child by the 31 July 2021. All registrations received after the offer commencement stage will be considered in later rounds. 

For a child attending kindergarten after 2022 to be considered in first round kindergarten offers, families must register their child by the 30 April of the year before they attend kindergarten. All registrations received after the offer commencement stage will be considered in later rounds. 

3-year-old registration if already registered for 4-year-old  

If you have already registered your child for 4-year-old kindergarten, you will need to register your child again for 3-year-old kindergarten in the year before your child turns 3. At that time, you can log into your account and update your child’s record to register for 3-year-old kindergarten.  

If your child is eligible for 4-year-old kindergarten in 2022

If your child is eligible for 4-year-old kindergarten in 2022 and you have recently updated or reviewed your child’s registration and have received a confirmation email between the 12 March and 30 April 2021, you do not need to make any further changes. 

Choosing kindergartens 

We strongly recommend you choose 5 or more kindergartens. Because of high demand, we cannot always guarantee you will get your most preferred kindergarten. If you only provide 1 choice and it is not available, your child may have to attend kindergarten late or may miss out on a place at that kindergarten. 

Find your local kindergartens 

Visit a kindergarten before you choose 

Choosing preferred kindergartens can be difficult. Feel free to visit a few kindergartens before making a choice. Please contact the kindergarten directly to make an appointment before your visit. 

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has a list of things to look out for during your kindergarten visit

How to register for kindergarten 

Registering your child for kindergarten is now free. All you need is a valid email address. You can register your child for kindergarten via the kindergarten Parent Portal:

Parent Portal 

If you are unable to register online or do not have an email address, print and complete the Kindergarten registration form for each child. 

You can return your form: 

What happens next

  • Make sure you keep your details up to date in the Parent Portal. In the year before your child is due to attend kindergarten, you will have a final chance to update your details

  • We will offer your child a kindergarten place the year before they are due to begin. You can respond to your offer in several ways. 

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