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Reduce your business energy use

Solar Pannels

Casey’s commercial and industrial sectors account for 26% of Casey's greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the target net zero emissions by 2040, Council must support local businesses to reduce their emissions. This will benefit the environment and assist with rising operational costs.

This page contains different energy-friendly initiatives businesses can access. 

Solar Savers

The City of Casey has partnered with Solar Savers to help your business cut power bills and your carbon footprint with rooftop solar panels. Solar Savers provide free advice on energy efficiency upgrades and available subsidies, and connect you with accredited and trusted suppliers. Contact them for an obligation-free quote.

Business Energy Savers

The Business Energy Savers program helps businesses to upgrade inefficient appliances and lights with Government subsidies. Casey businesses can receive free advice about how to become more energy efficient, take advantage of the Victorian Energy Upgrades for businesses program, and connect with a selected panel of accredited and trustworthy suppliers who can take care of the upgrades and required paperwork to access the subsidies.

Business Renewables Buying Group

Casey’s businesses can join the Business Renewable Buying Group if they are consuming more than 500mWh per year of electricity (equivalent to spending more than $100,000 per year on energy). This program, run by the City of Yarra on behalf of member Councils, provides large businesses with the opportunity to switch to 100% renewable energy and access competitive rates under a power purchase agreement.

Victorian Energy Upgrade Program

The Victorian Energy Upgrade Program is available to all residents and businesses within Casey. Almost 2,500 Casey’s businesses have taken advantage of the upgrades available through this program. Energy efficient upgrades include lighting, heating and cooling, energy efficient appliances, hot water units and shower heads.

Sustainability Victoria provides information on how you can protect your business against rising costs by implementing various sustainable outcomes into your business model. For more information on managing energy costs, auditing, and incorporating sustainability into your business, visit Sustainability Victoria.

Nominate for the City of Casey Business Awards

If your business, or a business you know in Casey, has implemented change to improve sustainability, submit a nomination for the City of Casey Business Awards – sustainability category. For details on when the applications are open refer to Casey Business Awards

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