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Publicly available documents

Council has determined to publish several documents on the website in line with the Local Government Act 2020Local Government (Governance and Integrity) Regulations 2020, and Council’s Public Transparency Policy.  

Some documents outside of our publicly available documents may be available for inspection. To request documents for inspection, please contact our Governance Team for more information.

You can contact Governance by either: 

emailing: [email protected] 

writing to: 

ATT: Governance 
2 Patrick North East Drive  

Document inspections are made by appointment between 9am–5pm. They're held at Bunjil Place

The documents are publicly available at no cost are as follows:  

DocumentAdditional information
Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes  

The agendas and minutes of the ordinary and special Council Meetings from 2009 to the present date are published on the Council Website. 

Agendas - available from noon on Thursday before a Council meeting.  

Minutes - published by noon the Thursday after the Council meeting.  

Additionally, the agendas and minutes of ordinary and special Council Meetings (previous 12 months only) are available to see by inspection. To see them in person, please complete the Application to Inspect Prescribed Documents form. 

Election Donation Campaign return 


Under section 307 of the Local Government Act 2020, it is a requirement for Council to publish a summary of each election campaign donation return within 14 days after the period specified in section 306(1) which is 40 days after election day.   

The next Local Government Election will be held in October 2024. 

Gift declaration Register May - July  2023


The Gift Declarations summary is available online and published quarterly. 
Legal Notices 

Active Legal notices are available on the website including:  

  • Desex Cats Upon Registration Order  

  • Cats at Large Order 

  • Dogs on Leads in Public Places Order 

Local Laws 

Active Local Laws are available on the website including:  

  • Asset Protection Local Law 2016 

  • Casey Community Local Law 2018 

Policies and Strategies Active Council Policies and Strategies are available on the website.  
Public Travel Register January - August 2023

The public travel register records all interstate and overseas travel undertaken by Council officers.

Personal Interests Returns


Lodged by Administrators and nominated Council officers

Under section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020, it is a requirement to publish a summary of Personal Interests Returns. This document will be compiled in March and September annually.  

Biannual Personal Interests Returns Summary - Sep 2022

Initial Personal Interests Returns Summary Feb 2023

Biannual Personal Interests Returns Summary - March 2023 

Initial Personal Interests Returns Summary - April 2023

Biannual Personal Interests Returns Summary - Sep 2023

Initial Personal Interests Returns Summary - Oct 2023

Sale or exchange land notice of intentUnder section 114 of the Local Government Act 2020, it is a requirement for Council to at least 4 weeks prior to selling or exchanging the land, publish a notice of intention.  

If you are seeking Council documents not on this list, please refer to Council’s Part II Statement which provides further information on the types of documents held by Council and how members of the public may access the information it holds, including the Freedom of Information process.  

Council’s Freedom of Information process provides a fee service to apply to access documents about your personal affairs and the activities of government organisations. For further information please click here.  


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