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Public art in Casey

Our Public Art Program uses art to create meaningful places that celebrate our city’s community, it's heritage, innovation and the environment.

Some features of the current program include:

  • integrating public art into Casey’s natural and built environment by embedding it into the planning processes
  • allocating 1% of funding to the development of site-specific public art projects for all new Community Capital Works projects over $3 million dollars
  • committing to high-quality public artworks through standards of innovation and excellence across all aspects of the commissioning process
  • developing a public art collection that is progressive, innovative, contemporary, challenging and stimulating, and that explores a variety of mediums, scales and approaches
  • fostering a sense of identity and pride in public spaces within the City of Casey

Recent projects

Touchstone - Selandra Community Hub

'Touchstone' is a fully interactive and expressive work that responds to touch with light, sound and vibration. The sonography of the work is deeply embedded in the local community thanks to the work of artist Jordan Lacey capturing and mixing the sounds of the community. The artwork remembers interaction and reflects on the past day, month, year or decade during its morning awakening and night time evocations.

Public art near you

With over 250 public art projects across Casey, there are bound to be a couple near you. Find your closest piece of art on Explore Casey.