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Protection of trees on development sites

The Casey Significant Tree Strategy incorporating the Significant Tree Register identifies the most significant trees in Casey and provides planning controls to protect these trees into the future.

There are trees and vegetation within Casey, not listed on the Significant Tree Register, protected under Planning Scheme Overlays. Planning Scheme Overlays identify places of significance, managed by council, through the Planning Scheme under the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Overlays that protect significant trees and vegetation against removal as well as adverse works, include the Heritage Overlay and the Environmental Significance Overlay. The Casey Planning Scheme provides more information.

You may also find more information on the VicPlan website. VicPlan is a tool that you can use to view, query, and create your own property reports, providing a range of planning information.

The long-term survival and protection of trees is important to City of Casey, as their urban environment and surroundings change. Trees identified by Council within and close to development sites, on public or private land, will need protection by property owners.

The Australian Standard for the protection of trees on development sites -AS4970-2009 details best practices for the planning and protection of existing trees while setting out guidelines for tree management. The standard ensures sufficient consideration and a uniform approach to protecting and retaining trees as part of the building development process, by setting out guidelines for the safe and ongoing integration between trees and construction within development sites.

This standard should be referenced when any information is required on trees as part of any development or construction.

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