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Preservation and protection of significant trees

The Casey Significant Tree Strategy incorporating the Significant Tree Register identifies the most significant trees in Casey and provides planning controls to protect these trees into the future.

There are trees and vegetation within Casey, not listed on the Significant Tree Register, protected under Planning Scheme Overlays. Planning Scheme Overlays identify places of significance, managed by council, through the Planning Scheme under the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Overlays that protect significant trees and vegetation against removal as well as adverse works, include the Heritage Overlay and the Environmental Significance Overlay.

Large old trees, including dead trees, are rare and impossible to replace. They are especially important for the survival of wildlife, providing food sources, hollows, and nesting sites and have environmental, landscape and cultural heritage values in Casey.

Council currently manages the preservation and protection of approximately 1,864 significant trees, including River Red Gums, exotic trees, native trees, and the trees along City of Casey’s 7 Avenues of honour.

Many significant trees in Casey are situated in parks, reserves, and roadsides, which can accommodate their height and spread. A smaller but important number of significant trees are situated on private land including residential lots.

You can find more information about how the National Trusts of Australia have collaborated to create a National Register of Significant Trees. Once trees are on the Significant Tree Register, committees in each state and territory advocate for statutory protection for all registered trees under the relevant local planning laws and promote awareness of the value of significant trees

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