Preschool: Hands on farming | City of Casey
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Preschool: Hands on farming


Feed trail

  • Hand feed animals such as alpacas, sheep, camels, cattle, buffalo, goats, kangaroos and emus.

Animal nursery

  • Pat and cuddle animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, lambs and goat kids, chicken and ducklings.
  • Hands on Reptile Experience

Farm show presentation

  • Meet and chat to Joey Davis, our famous talking cockatoo.
  • See goats being milked and have a go at it yourself

Train ride to the wetlands

  • Ride the train to and from the wetlands.
  • Walk and talk on the boardwalk around the wetlands.
  • View the Grey Headed Flying Fox colony and discuss the variety of native wildlife in the area.


Each session runs for 30 minutes and will be scheduled to accommodate your group’s needs. Programs start around 10.15am


  • Prices are GST-free for schools only.

Minimum attendance

Each program requires a minimum of 18 students. A minimum payment for 18 students is required, if less than 18 attend.

Preschools and kindergartens

  • 4 Activity program $11.00 p/p
  • 5 Activity program includes a Pony Ride $13.00 p/p

Child-care, play groups and holiday program groups

  • 4 Activity program : $12.00 inc p/p
  • 5 Activity program includes a pony ride: $15.00 inc p/p


  • Free (when ratio of adults to students is less than 1-5).
  • Additional adults: $10 each.