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Preparing for your visit

If you're attending the farm for an education program, here's the information you need to get the most out of your visit.

Preparing for your visit

During your visit

After your visit

We conduct our educational activities on the property itself. The farm is a well maintained, enclosed and secure facility. Teachers and students will come in contact with farm animals during their visit. The environment includes open paddocks, bushland and gravelled pathways.

If have any accessibility needs, you can get an Access Key to the farm.

Group sizes

Myuna Farm can accommodate a maximum of 4 groups (or 120 students) per day. Larger numbers/ groups can be accommodated upon request.

Hands on Farming and Education for Sustainability programs

Our activities under these programs are divided into groups of 20 to 35 students. We need at least 18 students in a group for these programs to go ahead.

Animal Husbandry program

Our activities under this program are divided into groups of 10 to 15 students, with a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 40 students per booking.

Clothing and footwear

We take care to provide the best conditions for students and your program. Because our activities happen outside, please make sure everyone wears:

  • sturdy closed-toe shoes or gumboots if it has been raining
  • sunscreen and hat
  • a waterproof jacket and warm jumper, particularly in cold weather

Packed lunches

Please bring plastic tubs or zipped backpacks to store lunches in. The crows at Myuna Farm enjoy a packed lunch and have a habit of tearing open plastic bags and stealing food.

For ideas on what to pack, please see our healthy snack options.

Medical needs

You will need to be aware of any special medical needs and allergies of your staff, students, and helpers.

Our staff have level 2 first aid training and a well maintained first aid station, but they do not have access to your students' medical records. Please inform us of any severe allergies before activities begin (particularly with relation to contact with animals, milk products and hay).

You have the primary duty of care over your students while at Myuna Farm.

Extreme weather

In the case of an unfavourable weather forecast for your booking day, please contact us in the days leading up to your booking to discuss options. 

Rain doesn’t necessarily mean we need to cancel. Often on intermittent rain days we can still navigate a program or make some unit substitutions. In the case of heavy rain across the day, we will need to discuss a reschedule.
Please inform us of a cancelation by 2pm the week day prior to your excursion, and we can discuss a reschedule.  

Please don’t leave a cancelation to the morning of your booking, this impacts the farms staffing costs. 

Late cancelation notices will incur a 25% of booking fee
If you need to change your booking leading up to the date because of extreme weather, there will be no extra charge.
If you are concerned about the weather forecast for your booking day, please call us to discuss the options


We have plenty of bus and car parking available. Let your bus driver know there is plenty of turning space at the end of the driveway, so they can drop your group at the front door.

We will greet your group when you arrive and show you to your allocated area. Your group will have a sheltered area or room with tables and chairs reserved for them for the day. Each teacher will receive a schedule and we will organise the activities for the entire day.

Please check the arrival and departure time with the bus company and inform us as soon as possible of any changes.

Student behaviour

Teachers should supervise students during breaks and support us with behavioural management. You know your students better than we do. Please feel free to join in on the activities and ask any questions relevant to your current curriculum. We encourage groups to utilise the 1 to 5 free of charge supervision ratio


On the day of your visit, you will be provided with an invoice for the total number attending on the day, the invoice will be supplied after your program is complete. Payment options include Direct deposit, EFTPOS,  Cheque (made out to Myuna Farm) and good old cash.

(We do not accept Amex payments.)

Payment is due 30 days from the last day of the month.


We are very interested to hear what you thought about your visit and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience next time.

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