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Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan

Version 1.0

Casey’s portion of the Western Port Green Wedge is home to around 11,000 people, is approximately 130 square kilometres in area, and encompasses the southern, mostly rural, part of the City between the southern extent of Casey’s Urban Growth Boundary and Western Port Bay. It includes a mix of land uses, such as agriculture, horse and greyhound training, cultural heritage sites, parks, biodiversity conservation areas, townships, and rural lifestyle lots.

The key attributes and values of the Casey Western Port Green Wedge include its nationally significant indigenous biodiversity, its high value agricultural land, its rural townships and coastal settlements, and its great potential for tourism.

Being located at the edge of the urban area of Casey creates some inherent pressures for change in the Green Wedge. The significant environmental value of sites such as the internationally recognised Ramsar wetlands and important agricultural and horticultural areas can be in tension against the ongoing demand for new urban development, rural lifestyle living, hobby farms, and other uses.

The Casey Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan is a strategic land use plan that will guide the planning and management of the Green Wedge over the next 20 years. It provides objectives and strategies based on clear evidence and extensive community consultation that will assist Council in setting priorities and making decisions about the future of the Green Wedge.

The City of Casey has engaged stakeholders from across the community, business, and government in an in-depth multi-year consultation process to develop the vision, objectives, and strategies contained in this Management Plan.

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