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Waste Management Strategy


The City of Casey’s 2016-2022 Waste Management Strategy "Rethink Your Waste!’ will guide efficient and cost effective management processes, and allow a measured approach for future kerbside waste diversion options.

The scope of the strategy covers the provision of best practice collection services for recyclables, garden, residual and hardwaste at the kerbside; Berwick Village waste management; Casey’s parks and sporting grounds; and measures to proactively discourage littering.

To deliver the strategy, the City of Casey will continue to advocate for the community on new state and federal policy frameworks and waste priorities. This document outlines the current situation influencing waste management in the City of Casey and a way forward.

This strategy excludes the management of potentially contaminated Council land including former landfill sites which are provided for under the Framework for Managing Contaminated Land and Potentially Contaminated Land and site specific controls where applicable.