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Volunteer Participation Policy

Version 2.3


The policy outlines Council’s commitment to supporting volunteering across the municipality.



means Casey City Council, being a body corporate constituted as a municipal Council under the Local Government Act 1989


means the individuals holding the office of a member of Casey City Council

Council officer

means the Chief Executive Officer and staff of Council appointed by the Chief Executive Officer


can be defined as an activity undertaken for the benefit of the community and the volunteer, and without expectation of payment.

There is no legal definition of the term volunteering and the word can have different meanings depending upon the context in which it is used. This policy uses the definition of formal volunteering as provided by Volunteering Australia:

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.


The Policy applies to the programs and services provided by Council to support volunteers and the diverse community organisations that engage volunteers. It also encompasses Volunteer Matcher which promotes and informs volunteer assistance to community not-for-profit organisations based or serving residents within the City of Casey.


Volunteering contributes to community capacity building by providing long-term benefits through support for community involvement including safer communities, skills development and social contact for community and family members. The connectedness developed through volunteer participation contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of a community.

The community groups and organisations which engage volunteers provide diverse services and programs across many aspects of community life including emergency services, sport, recreation, the arts, events, education, health, welfare, aged care, children’s programs and environment programs.


Council is committed to supporting volunteers across the municipality by:

  1. Providing leadership, support and advocacy for volunteer groups to increase volunteer recruitment.
  2. Encouraging and promoting volunteering to the community.
  3. Acknowledging, recognising and celebrating the contribution volunteers make to the City of Casey.
  4. Facilitating access to volunteering information, advice, training and opportunities for the whole community.
  5. Researching and responding to current practice in the sector and legislative change.
  6. Encouraging community organisations to adopt recognised volunteer management procedures.
  7. Coordinating Volunteer Matcher – Casey’s online program designed to match members of the community to their perfect volunteering opportunity within the municipality.

6. Legislation and Compliance

Council is committed to ensuring that all compliance requirements are met, whilst minimising negative impacts upon the community. Volunteers will be required to meet all legislative requirements.

6.1 Child Safe Standards

The City of Casey has zero tolerance for child abuse and is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation where protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of all Councillors, employees, contractors and volunteers. Council is committed to creating a culture of child safety where children feel safe and are safe. Council recognises that protecting children and preventing and responding to child abuse is an organisation wide responsibility.

Administrative updates

It is recognised that, from time to time, circumstances may change leading to the need for minor administrative changes to this document. Where an update does not materially alter this document, such a change may be made administratively. Examples include a change to the name of a Council department, a change to the name of a Federal or State Government department, and a minor update to legislation which does not have a material impact. However, any change or update which materially alters this document must be by resolution of Council.


The next review of this document is scheduled for completion by 30 June 2021.

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