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Approved: 17 October 2017

Smart City Strategy

Version: 1.0

Council has developed the Smart City Strategy to make use of technology, innovation and data to achieve its strategic goals. The strategy supports Council’s vision to create Australia’s most liveable city.

Strategy goals for 2019

  • Explore municipality wide initiatives that open new markets and create value
  • Enhancing security measures to create a safer and inclusive community
  • Improve community’s access to technology and innovation
  • Creating partnership opportunities to add value to the wider community

Strategy outcomes

  • A leader in applying technology and innovation
  • An inclusive, safe and connected community
  • A Council whose services and facilities are driven by community needs
  • The destination for arts, culture, sport and leisure that attracts visitors and brings communities together
  • A city that sustainably plans and manages growth while protecting its diverse landscape
  • A thriving economy with local jobs, investment and new industries
  • A city with an accessible and well-connected transport network
  • An efficient, effective and customer focused Council with sufficient resources to meet priorities