Smart City Strategy | City of Casey
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Approved: 17 October 2017

Smart City Strategy

Version: 1.0


Now (2017)

  • Recruit and establish the Smart City team
  • Establish the Smart City Council
  • Review and align existing initiatives to the Smart City Strategy

Next (2017 -2018)

  • Kick off demonstration projects
  • Seek out sensible partnerships and alternate funding models
  • Build a technology roadmap to support a sustainable Smart City
  • Council builds an array of connected assets across the municipality

Later (2018+)

  • Explore municipality wide initiatives that open new markets and create value


Now (2017)

• Innovation fund

• FORCE for business

• Emissions management plan

• Smart Parking solutions at Bunjil Place

• Smart City funding application

• Data analysis and data governance

• Digital Casey initiatives Innovation fun

 • Smart City funding application

• Data analysis and data governance

• Digital Casey initiatives 

Next (2017-2018)

• Demonstration projects:

o Bunjil Place precinct o Minta Farm

• Open data and improved analytics

• Reform Council procurement practices

• Greater application of sensor technology


Later (2018+)

• Introduce advanced resource recovery technology

• Narre Warren CBD demonstration project

• Smart public lighting



Now (2017)

• All Council services are accessible and available to all

• 90% customer satisfaction with digital service

Next (2017-2018)

 •3,000 new jobs per year

• All residents have access to Council programs and services

• Customers can choose to access all Council services through digital, or digitally enhanced, channels

• Council attracts high-quality technology and innovation partners


Later (2018+)

• 95% of waste recovered by 2040

• 60% reduction in vehicle use per household by 2040

• Casey residents have access to world class IT and digital infrastructure

• Net zero emissions by the community by 2040

• 70% of working residents have access to jobs that are close to home


• A leader in applying technology and innovation 

•An inclusive, safe and connected community

• A Council whose services and facilities are driven by community needs

•  The destination for arts, culture, sport and leisure that attracts visitors & brings communities together

•  A city that sustainably plans and manages growth while protecting its diverse landscape

•  A thriving economy with local jobs, investment and new industries

•  A city with an accessible and wellconnected transport network

•  An efficient, effective and customer focused Council with sufficient resources to meet priorities.