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Skate Strategy 

Version: 1.2


Guide the provision, development and management of skate and BMX facilities.


In March 2007, Council adopted its Skate Strategy (2007).  The Strategy considered the needs of aggressive inline/skateboarders and BMX freestylers, competitive online hockey/roller sports and recreational inline skaters.

The Skate Strategy identified significant demand for both skate and BMX with an estimated 5,508 participants in each discipline.  A number of objectives have been identified within the Skate Strategy to develop the sport of skating in the future.  A key element is the development of a hierarchy of facilities to provide an appropriate distribution of skate facilities across the whole City that meet the wide range of interests and proficiency levels of participants.  The development of new facilities and upgrading of existing facilities is recommended in the Skate Strategy to achieve this hierarchy.


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