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Infrastructure Strategy 2021-25

The purpose of the strategy is to provide an overarching direction for infrastructure within the City of Casey. To achieve our Long-Term Community Vision 2031, which is to become a more connected, bold and resilient community, there is a continued need to deliver integrated and connected infrastructure.  The Infrastructure Strategy has been developed to call out our highest need for change, doing things differently and pushing the boundaries to capitalise on opportunities and strengthen gaps in Council’s infrastructure planning, delivery, maintenance, and servicing over the next four years.  There are some key conditions impacting infrastructure that we need to adjust to and take advantage of, this includes:  

  • Our changing and growing community  
  • Rapidly advancing technology   
  • Improved data opportunities to inform decisions  
  • Our ageing assets and increasing cost of infrastructure  
  • Our changing climate and need for more resilient infrastructure  

The Infrastructure Strategy was developed through understanding these existing and future conditions impacting infrastructure; aligning with local, State and Federal policy and strategy directions; and community feedback via the Shape Your City process, which saw more than 6,000 people contribute to our Vision, Council Plan 2021-25, Budget and Domain Strategies, including the Infrastructure Strategy. The delivery of this strategy will be supported by an Action Plan, and by working in partnership with others to ensure we have the infrastructure that meets the needs of our community both now and into the future. 

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