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Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-25

The City of Casey Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-25 outlines the health and wellbeing priorities for City of Casey over the next four years. The Strategy builds upon strengths from the previous plan and is a key strategic roadmap to maintain and improve public health and wellbeing at a local level. The Health and Wellbeing Strategy meets the requirements of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and has been developed alongside the City of Casey Council Plan 2021-25 as one of five domain strategies providing an integrated strategic planning framework for Council.  

The Strategy has been developed in close consultation with the local community and through collaboration with a wide range of agencies, partners, and stakeholders. It details six health and wellbeing priorities (‘health domains’) for the Casey community: 

  1. Alcohol, drug and tobacco use 
  2. Climate change and health impacts  
  3. Family violence and gender inequality 
  4. Healthy eating and food security
  5. Mental wellbeing and social inclusion
  6. Physical activity and active living 

The Strategy also identifies key responsibilities and actions that will enable Council to drive system changes, innovation, and new partnerships, which will be critical to supporting the community’s health and wellbeing. The required changes identified are grouped across five strategic themes:

  • Resilient, safe and connected places  
  • Innovative and responsive models of service and connection 
  • Community research and data 
  • Health and wellbeing impact across the life course 
  • Bold and progressive leadership 

Implementation of the Strategy will be driven by annual action plans which will be designed and delivered in partnership with key stakeholders. Progress against the action plan will be monitored, with reports made to Council and the community on the achievements. Our ambition is that everyone in the Casey community has opportunities to lead happy and healthy lives. This strategy sets the direction for achieving this ambition, building on the great strengths within our community, as well addressing as the complex challenges and causes that lead to poor health outcomes. 

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