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Hampton Park Hill Draft Development Plan

Where the plan applies

The plan applies to the land in Hampton Park outlined in blue in the below image. The precinct is bounded by Ormond Road and Central Road to the north, the transmission line easement to the east, Glasscocks Road to the south, and Hallam Road/South Gippsland Highway to the west.

Hampton Park Hill


The Hallam Road Waste and Resource Recovery Hub located in Hampton Park, has been identified by the Victorian State Government through the State-wide Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (SWRRIP, 2018) as a significant waste and resource recovery site.

Acknowledging the growing population in the area, the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group and the City of Casey recommends that the Hampton Park Development Plan is reviewed to reflect the need of future waste and resource recovery activities, as well as employment, open space needs and environmental separation buffers. 

The Development Plan intends to build on opportunities for the precinct to facilitate the waste and resource recovery needs of the State Government and community, while providing more employment opportunities, open park spaces for the community to enjoy and surrounding roads and transportation needs.

The Development Plan also aims to better align with contemporary State strategy and policy to ensure consistent direction for ongoing and new development including the need to rezone land within the precinct.

Public inspection

Public submissions have now closed. Council Officers are reviewing all submissions received during the consultation period.

The Draft Hampton Park Hill Development Plan submissions that have been received in response to the public consultation were noted by Council at the 13 December 2022 Council Meeting. The consideration of those submissions and determining the Council position on the Draft Development Plan will occur at a future report to Council in 2023.

Please note that this project is not a proposal to extend landfill operations. The landfill is currently filling it’s final cells. Rehabilitation is expected to start within the next 10 years and the landfill site will progressively be turned into public open space.

Information about the Draft Development Plan is available to view on Council’s Casey Conversations website


If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact the following officers below.

Selina Finne-Larsen
Planning Assistant
9705 5200
[email protected]

Anne Sorensen
Senior Strategic Planner
9705 5200
[email protected]

Privacy Collection Notice

The planning process seeks to be transparent and open. A copy of your submission in full or in part may be made to the proponent of the request for the express purpose of resolving issues. If the adoption of the Development Plan is considered by Council rather than under delegation by officer, your submission will be published in the Council agenda available online on the City of Casey website. The agenda is a public document which may be available indefinitely.
Prior to publishing in the Council meeting agenda, Council will redact your name, address, email and phone number. Statements in the body of the submission that provides context to the submission, but may enable readers to assume who the writer is.  By making a submission, you authorise Council to copy your submission and make it available to the public as set out above. You warrant that (a) you are the owner of copyright in your submission and (b) the use of the submission by Council as described will not breach any third party’s copyright.  You can request access to your personal information by contacting Council on 9705 5200.