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Hampton Park Hill Development Plan

Hampton Park Hill Development Plan

The Hampton Park Hill Development Plan, July 2023 (the Plan) was adopted by City of Casey’s Administrators at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 18 July 2023.
City of Casey’s Administrators also resolved to request Ministerial consent for the preparation and exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment C294 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

C294 proposes to amend Schedule 1 to the Special Use Zone and replace Schedule 1 with a new Schedule 25 to the Development Plan Overlay. The changes proposed by C294 will assist in implementing the adopted Plan.

Further details about the Planning Scheme Amendment C294 will become available once the Minister for Planning has authorised the preparation and exhibition of the amendment.

Further investigation will be undertaken into the Buffer Area Overlay to determine the merits of applying this overlay over existing residential development within 500 metres of the existing Hallam Road landfill.  It is anticipated that the outcome of this work will be reported at the Council Meeting on 20 February 2024.

Where the adopted Development Plan applies

The adopted Plan applies to land in Hampton Park as shown in Figure 1 below. The precinct is generally bounded by Ormond Road and Central Road to the north, the transmission line easement to the east, Glasscocks Road to the south, and Hallam Road/South Gippsland Highway to the west.

Hampton Park Hill Development Plan


The Plan provides a high-level framework describing key elements of land use, built form, scale, connectivity and servicing provision to govern the future development of the land within the Development Plan area, and to guide decision making in relation to future land use, subdivision and development planning application proposals.

The Plan and any associated planning scheme amendment must be consistent with State Government policies, including Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, the State-wide Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan 2018 and the Hallam Waste and Resource Recovery Plan 2021.

The State Government has identified the site as one of 22 hubs of state importance for ‘waste and resource recovery’ activities to service the needs of the region. The Plan reflects the need of future waste and resource recovery activities, as well as employment, open space needs and environmental separation buffers.

Public inspection

Once Ministerial consent has been provided by the Minister for Planning, Planning Scheme Amendment C294 will be placed on public exhibition.  The community will be consulted on the amendment and will be able to make submissions to City of Casey during the exhibition period.

Information about the adopted Development Plan is available to view on Council’s Casey Conversations website

Transfer Station Planning Permit Application PA23/0694

A planning permit application for a Transfer Station was lodged by Veolia Australia and New Zealand with City of Casey on 29 December 2023 for land at 290 Hallam Road Hampton Park which is located within the Development Plan boundary.

Further information, view the dedicated page for 290 Hallam Road, Hampton Park (PA23/0694).


If you would like to find out more about the Hampton Park Hill Development Plan and Planning Scheme Amendment project, please contact the following officers below.

Selina Finne-Larsen
Planning Assistant
9705 5200
[email protected]

Anne Sorensen
Senior Strategic Planner
9705 5200
[email protected]

The planning scheme amendment process is a statutory process that is transparent and public, where all parties affected can provide input into the amendment. If you choose to make a submission, you consent to your submission and name being made public through the amendment process and being published in reports that will remain public indefinitely.

As required by the Planning & Environment Act 1987, your submission will be made available for public viewing including on Council’s website, and be provided to other parties involved in the planning scheme amendment process including Planning Panels Victoria and the Minister for Planning.

By making a submission, you warrant that (a) you are the owner of copyright in your submission and (b) the use of the submission by Council as described will not breach any third party’s copyright.

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