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Environment Strategy 2021-25

The future of our natural environment is of increasing importance and emerging issues related to this are now at the forefront of more people’s minds. There are several emerging conditions, challenges and opportunities that we will face, which include climate change, the natural environment, waste management, integrated water management, legislative requirements, regional partnerships and resourcing. One of the major challenges facing the local environment is the rapidly growing population, which if not managed properly can have serious implications for the future of our natural environment.  

The City of Casey’s Environment Strategy 2021-25 sets out how we plan to achieve the third objective of our Council Plan 2021-25, which is to foster environmentally sustainable practices and work towards being climate ready (resilient). The decisions made in relation to this objective pave the way towards achieving the rapid decarbonization of the municipality to mitigate climate change. Waste management and climate change are two of the biggest challenges being faced by not only Council, but all levels of government and the broader community.  

As part of this strategy, Casey has determined several objectives, which include to ‘Become a climate resilient city through mitigation and adaptation’ and ‘Contribute to a circular economy through waste management and resource recovery. Also connected to this strategy are several ambitious targets. The City of Casey has been bold in our planning, and we hope to see the Casey community commit to these targets as well, to ensure their success and progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future. This strategy will guide Council’s future direction for environmental sustainability over the next four years and ensure Council is well equipped to approach the challenges, and manage our changing environment in a resilient, effective, and cohesive way.

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