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Emissions Management Plan 2018-22

The City of Casey has a long history of identifying ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy produced from Council’s operations. Since Council adopted a Greenhouse Strategy Local Action Plan in 2002 successive Councils and forward thinking has paved the way for the City of Casey to lead in emissions reduction through energy efficiency improvements.

In 2012 the City of Casey adopted its Emissions Management Plan 2012-17. This Plan was ground-breaking in setting out a fully cost and staged approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from Council’s operations. It incorporated ambitious targets in the face of substantial growth in population, infrastructure and rising energy costs.

At the end of FY2016/17 Casey surpassed its emissions reduction target reducing emissions by 24% below those produced in 2010/11. This has brought about a significant decrease in emissions and cost savings and provided direct social, economic and environmental benefits to the Casey community.

Building on Council’s proactive and collaborative approach, on 6 September 2016 the City resolved to take part in Victoria’s TAKE2 Pledge helping Victoria reach its ambitious target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This is in-line with City of

Casey’s long-term goals of being carbon neutral by 2040 and becoming Australia’s Most Liveable City.

This Emissions Management Plan 2018-22 guides and supports Council towards these goals over the next four years.

It incorporates ambitious evidence-based targets in line with a comprehensive investment action program prioritised on economic, environmental and social benefits to ensure benefits are realised by the City.

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