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Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2023/24

Version 2.0

The Electric Line Clearance Management Plan demonstrates the City of Casey’s compliance with Energy Safe Victoria’s requirement for the safe management of vegetation near public powerlines.

City of Casey is a Responsible Person required to prepare an Electric Line Clearance Management Plan (ELCMP) for the Regulations. This document is prepared in accordance with Section 9 of the Regulations.

Council reviews its ELCMP annually and prepares a new or amended plan as required by March 31st of each year by Council’s Team Leader – Trees and Horticulture. This will be completed following annual specification and Electric Line Tree Clearing contract review. This amended plan is submitted to Council’s internal Executive Management Team (EMT) for review prior to being made available to ESV. The ELCMP is stored in Council’s document management system and will be available on request by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

The ELCMP runs for 5 years, matching the review cycle of the Code of Practice. Council will conduct an administrative review by March 31st annually to address any changes in personnel, policies or programs. A complete review of the ELCMP will also be implemented should there be a change of Contractor.

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