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Economic Development Strategy 2021-25

This strategy provides an insight into the current and emerging conditions of economic development in Casey, strategic opportunities, and risks. Casey’s current economy is reliant on a few dominant sectors, mainly driven by population serving industries, such as Health and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, Construction, and Education and Training. 

In the coming years, as population growth slows in the municipality, it will be increasingly important to diversify our economy to ensure resilience and job growth. Council will boldly shift its economic development focus towards high growth sectors. This strategy outlines a blueprint for innovation and diversification across Casey’s current dominant sectors, and highlights opportunities to leverage our competitive advantages to grow new and emerging sectors. It invests in the upskilling of our people and builds on the protection of employment and revitalisation of key activity centres as hubs of commercial and investment opportunities. Investing in growth sectors also ensures our community will have sustainable jobs of choice. 

By 2025, the City of Casey will be a regional leader driving economic diversity, with quality and accessible jobs of choice, and an increasingly skilled and capable workforce. This strategy will result in Council placing a greater focus and effort to empower our business community, and implement measures that will place us in good stead for the future and allow us deal with the economic climate in Casey.

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