Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan | City of Casey
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Adopted 6 September 2016

Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan

Version 3.1

The Cranbourne Town Centre has grown from a small, quiet shopping street serving a country town to a regional business and shopping centre within one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. Prior to the late 1970’s, Cranbourne’s development focus was concentrated around High Street, with a predominately farming area surrounding the Town Centre. As a result of State and Local Government planning policy in the 1980’s, the population of the town grew from under 2,000 people to over 14,000 people at the end of the decade. The identification of Cranbourne as a major activity focus for the South-Eastern Growth Area in the 1990’s, and subsequent planning policy to the present day, has meant continued growth in the area, including the development of the Cranbourne East, West and North growth corridors to 2030 and beyond.

This rapid growth warrants careful planning and development. Specifically, the Cranbourne Town Centre requires transport and infrastructure improvements, built form guidelines, landscape enhancements and land use intensification to allow it to reach its potential as a welcoming, and lively Principal Activity Centre. A Principal Activity Centre has a mix of activities that generate a high number of trips, is well served by public transport, has a large catchment comprising several suburbs and has the potential to grow and support intensive housing development through State Government Policy. Together with Narre Warren/Fountain Gate CBD, the Cranbourne Town Centre is one of two Principal Activity Centres within the City of Casey, as defined by State Government Policy. Providing for numerous activities in an attractive and safe environment is a challenge for any activity centre.

Cranbourne currently benefits from many State and Regional facilities located within and in the vicinity of the Town Centre. These uses, along with the growing regional residential population, provide the momentum for the continued growth and development of the Town Centre over time.

The Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan will guide this growth and development to ensure it meets the needs and wishes of the community thereby assisting in the evolution of the Town Centre into one of the most active, attractive and accessible Principal Activity Centres in Melbourne.

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