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Cranbourne Development Plan

Version: 2.1


1.1 Statutory Context

The Cranbourne Development Plan (the “Development Plan”) has been prepared as a Development Plan to Schedule 1 to Clause 43.04 of the Casey Planning Scheme. This Development Plan provides guidelines to co-ordinate the actions of developers, infrastructure service providers, public authorities and Council.

Council must take the Development Plan into consideration when assessing planning applications for the subdivision, use or development of land in the area to which it applies. A permit can only be granted for the subdivision, use or development of land generally in accordance with this Development Plan.

1.2 Physical Context

The Cranbourne Development Plan applies to the suburb of Cranbourne. More specifically, it applies the area bounded by the proposed Glasscocks Road to the north, Ballarto Road to the South, Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road to the east, and Evans Road to the west (refer to Section 4.0 Physical Framework Plan). It excludes the areas covered by Local Structure Plan 6: Cranbourne North and the Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan.


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