Councillors' Support and Reimbursement of Expenses Policy | City of Casey
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Councillors' Support and Reimbursement of Expenses Policy



This Policy applies to all Councillors in relation to resources / support provided by the organisation and reimbursement of expenditure. Overseas travel is explicitly excluded from this policy.

The Recognition and Support - The Victorian Government’s Policy Statement on Local Government Mayoral and Councillor Allowances and Resources – April 2008 describes the minimum support to be provided to Councillors and the Mayor.

Councillor Training

Councillors are involved in decision making across a number of complex areas. In recognition of this, Councillors are allocated an annual training & education budget which supports them for decision making and in their roles as leaders. Training expenditure is reported annually in the City of Casey’s Annual report however a list of all completed training is provided here for transparency.


Training Undertaken


All Councillors

Emergency Training

19 December 2017

Security & Safety Training

30 January 2018

Emergency Awareness Training

13 February 2018

Susan Serey

Financial Analysis for Officers & Directors

7 March 2017

Amanda Stapledon

Councillor Development Weekend

28 July 2017

Media Training

20 December 2017

Presentation Training for Live Streaming

30 October 2017

Timothy Jackson

Company Directors Course

19 – 23 February 2018