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Community Facilities Framework

Version 2.1

As one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Victoria forecasting a population of 549,200 by 2041, the Council and other service providers have a critical role in responding to the increasing service and facility needs of the Casey community.

The pace and scope of change are unprecedented, Casey’s population is becoming increasingly diverse, and a range of social, health and wellbeing issues are affecting the community.

Growth in new areas is occurring faster and on multiple fronts where there is no pre-existing community infrastructure. Many established areas of Casey are experiencing urban renewal and existing facilities are ageing and no longer meeting community need.

The City of Casey is committed to creating a liveable City that keeps pace with the standard of health, wellbeing and liveability that the community requires, and expects to receive.

As the community continues to grow, Council must have a robust understanding of community needs through research and ongoing dialogue.

Council must balance its social and financial responsibilities in an environment where multiple pressures exist. This includes the State Government legislated rate capping and its impact on Council’s service and infrastructure program. Council is also experiencing increased costs to deliver and operate community facilities.

We need to ensure that our facilities are socially and financially sustainable now and into the future. Significant growth presents its challenges, it also provides new and exciting opportunities. Recognising and managing growth can lead to positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

Fast-paced growth, when supported by the necessary infrastructure, can significantly improve people’s access to the essential services, programs and activities they need.

The Community Facilities Framework (the Framework) integrates planning, delivery and activation of community facilities and establishes an evidence-based process supporting Council to identify current and future needs.

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