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Community Engagement Policy

Version 1.0


Our community and stakeholders play a vital role in shaping the City of Casey. The purpose of this policy is to outline Council’s commitment to engaging with the City of Casey’s diverse communities. We want to encourage participation in engagement opportunities and help support meaningful conversations with our diverse communities and stakeholders. This will help us to better reflect our community members’ priorities and expectations in Council activities and decision making. 


Our Community Engagement Policy has been developed with input from community members and is underpinned by the following engagement aims:

  • Create a consistent best practice approach to the City of Casey’s engagement
  • Make it easy to find engagement opportunities and to receive updates  about them
  • Ensure Council has a clear purpose and objectives for undertaking engagement
  • Clearly communicate how feedback is  used to guide Council outcomes or  decision making.
  • Deliver deliberative engagement in line with community preferences
  • Meet our legislative requirements under relevant Acts, including the Local Government Act 2020
  • Embed appropriate monitoring and evaluation in engagement practices
  • Ensure that diversity in participation and viewpoints is supported and encouraged


This policy applies to community engagement processes led by Council. It is hoped that other agencies’ work in the City of Casey local government area use the policy as a guide for their own practice.

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