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Collison Estate

Where the plan applies

The plan applies to the land in the Collison Estate, Cranbourne East outlined in red in the below image. The Estate is bounded by Casey Fields Boulevard and Mayfield Road to the west, Linsell Boulevard to the north, Berwick-Cranbourne Road to the south and the rear boundary of properties east of Collison Road.

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Collison Estate location



Council has undertaken background investigations for future development within the Collison Estate. The investigations have been carried out to ensure that adequate infrastructure can be delivered to support future development including community infrastructure.

Planning Scheme Amendment C220 gazetted on 9 February 2017 rezoned the land in the Collison Estate from Urban Growth Zone to General Residential Zone Schedule 1 and inserted a new Schedule 22 to the Development Plan Overlay over the land in the Collison Estate.

Some of the landowners in Collison Estate have been working with Council in undertaking a draft Development Plan before development can occur within the Estate. 

Public Inspection

Council has undertaking preliminary community consultation on the draft Development and Contributions Plans for Collison Estate, Cranbourne East before it commences a planning scheme amendment.

The draft Development Plan provides guidance for future development and planning permit applications in the Estate. Future development includes up to 1,700 residential allotments, a local activity centre, a community centre, non-residential uses in a residential zone and open space networks. Once the development plan is approved, future planning permit applications are exempt from public notice under the Casey Planning Scheme.

The draft Development Contributions Plan identifies the infrastructure costs for the Estate to develop and distributes these costs equally between the landowners in the Estate.

The draft Development and Contributions Plans were on community consultation from Friday 29 April until midnight Thursday 23 June 2022. 

The draft Development and Contributions Plans are available to view on Council's Casey Conversations website.

Council officers are currently reviewing submissions and making changes to the draft Development and Contributions Plan in preparation for commencing a Planning Scheme Amendment process.

More information

If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact Selina Finne-Larsen, Planning Assistant via:

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