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Clyde Major Town Centre Urban Design Framework


Mesh has been commissioned by National Pacific Properties to prepare an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Clyde Major Town Centre (MTC) in accordance with the requirements of the Clyde Creek Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). The PSP requires approval of an UDF (as per the requirements of the Casey Planning Scheme) prior to the issue of a planning permit (unless consent from the Responsible Authority and Victorian Planning Authority is granted). The UDF is to be used as the overarching guidance tool for key
stakeholders involved with the design and development process of the Clyde MTC. 

The UDF has been developed in collaboration with various stakeholders including:

  • The project team
  • Mesh
  • i2c
  • Ratio
  • NPP
  • PTV/TfV
  • Victorian Planning Authority
  • Council officers
  • VicRoads
  • Developers of Elliston and Hartleigh estates
  • VicTrack
  • Other landowners

The UDF process included both informal and formal consultation with these stakeholders. Following receipt of feedback and requested changes, the UDF was amended prior to resubmission. Minor changes were made in response to private landowner submissions and more extensive changes were made in the vicinity of the future railway station and other internal changes in response to a request from Transport for Victoria in association with VicRoads. The changes will ensure that future provision and integration of public transport is possible.

Purpose of the Urban Design Framework 

The purpose of the UDF is to develop a mechanism to reach a shared understanding between developers, landowners, architects, future tenants, Council, VicRoads, PTV/TfV, VPA, VicTrack and other key stakeholders regarding the future development of the Clyde MTC.

The intention of the document is to provide guidance relating to the overall vision and structure of the Clyde MTC and the strategic principles for future development. The detailed development of the individual components of the MTC and surrounding land will be realised through future planning permit applications following the approval of this UDF. A planning application for use and/or development on land shown as the Clyde Major Town Centre must be consistent with this UDF. The UDF is intended to be used by a range of stakeholders that have a role in the planning permit approval process for the Clyde MTC.

UDF structure

    The UDF adopts a logical and transparent structure which analyses the site and its context combined with key elements and then details the Objectives, Strategies and Guidelines to be met through future planning applications in order to achieve the overarching vision of the MTC.


    Must be achieved by the development of the MTC.


    Download the Clyde Major Town Centre Urban Design Framework.


    Have been identified to assist in achieving the identified Objectives. 


    The Guidelines provide a series of requirements that must or should be complied with in order to deliver on the objectives and activate the strategies.

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