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Adopted 19 July 2011

Casey C21 - Building A Great City

Version 1.1

Imagine a city where you can work locally, travel conveniently by foot, cycle, car or public transport, and access the full range of government and community services.

Imagine a city with state-of-the-art sport and leisure facilities, world-class education centres and cutting-edge businesses.

Imagine a truly sustainable city where built and natural environments are complementary, nurturing habitats and native wildlife.

Imagine a city where you feel that you belong to a vibrant and connected community, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Have you thought about it? The City of Casey has!

These are the issues that drive Casey C21 – Building a Great City, an updated, refreshed and more accessible version of Casey’s long term strategic planning document Casey C21: A Vision for our Future, first developed in 2002. The City of Casey is deeply committed to building a great city in partnership with residents, businesses and the broader community.

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