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Botanic Ridge Stage 1


Planning and development of land within Botanic Ridge will occur in three stages. The Botanic Ridge Stage 1 Development Plan is located in Botanic Ridge. The Development Plan applies to land identified as Botanic Ridge Stage 1. Refer to Figure 1 below.

Map of Botanic Ridge Stages. Stage 1 is the corner of Pearcedale Rd and Browns Rd.

Figure 1: Map showing planning and development stages within Botanic Ridge

Map of Stage 1 Botanic Ridge development

Planning for Botanic Ridge Stage 1

  • The Stage 1 Development Plan Area is approximately 282 hectares. This land has been zoned for suburban development and development is expected to commence in the near future. 

  • Schedule 3 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO3) applies to the site.
  • DPO3 came into effect following the gazettal of Planning Scheme Amendment C66 in the Casey Planning scheme. This schedule provides guidance for residential development that will take place on site.

More information

For more information, refer to the Botanic Ridge Development Plan. For any other enquiries relating to Botanic Ridge, please contact City Planning:

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