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Asset Protection Local Law 2016

Part 1 – Preliminary


This Local Law is called the Asset Protection Local Law.

What are the objectives of this Local Law?

The objectives of the Asset Protection Local Law 2016 are to:

  • demonstrate good government by improving Asset Protection within the municipality;
  • provide for the safety and health of the public by controlling activities associated with building and construction work in the municipality
  • reduce the impacts of damage to public assets caused by building and construction work in the municipality; and
  • ensure that persons responsible for damaging public assets are also responsible for returning the asset to its former state.

When does this Local Law commence?

This Local Law commences on 1 August 2016.

When does this Local Law end?

Unless revoked sooner, this Local Law ends on 31 July 2026.

To what part of the municipal district does this Local Law apply?

This Local Law applies throughout the whole of the municipal district. Authorising Provision This Local Law is made under section 111(1) of the Local Government Act 1989. When this Local Law comes into operation, clause 16.4 of Council’s Community Local Law 2/2010 is repealed.

Please download the Asset Protection Local Law 2016 for the full version.

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