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Arterial Roads Tree Strategy

Version 1.1

The Strategy aims to create a recognisable, unifying landscape treatment along the road system, developing a strong, visual image that is characteristic of the City whilst reflecting the patterns of the surrounding landscape.

In ‘Casey C21’ Council’s adopted city strategy, the City’s image is directly addressed in theme entitled ‘A Casey Identity’. Within this theme two goals are directly relevant to the issue of arterial road design, they are: A city of trees and Clutter free Arterial roads. In response to these goals the development of an Arterial Roads Tree Strategy is specifically identified as a key outcome. The treatment of the Nodes and intersections will also be covered by other Council Initiatives such as the Casey Image Strategy.

The purpose of the Strategy is to develop a strategic framework for future development of the arterial road corridor landscape, providing a cohesive and integrated design framework and to assist in overall land use planning and development.

This report summarises the Study process and the design strategies arising from the analysis process.

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